Canada ETA requirements for Maltese citizens in 2024

When we think about vacations, we often search for disparate places far from everything we know. There is no doubt that you can spend a thrilling vacation immersed in a foreign culture and discover the magic and beauty of a destination you have never explored. But we often forget to look around and notice the beauty that surrounds us. Canada is a breathtaking country with mountains, forests, landscapes, and big cities that appeal to travelers around the world.

Canada eTA for Maltese citizens

Canada eTA for Maltese citizens

Malta is one of the 50 countries that are exempt from visas, which means that Maltese citizens do not need visas to visit Canada.
Instead, Maltese citizens must obtain a digital travel permit (eTA for entry into Canada).

Canada eTA requirements for Maltese citizens and all of the general information about the total cost or how to get a Canada eTA for Maltese citizens will be contained in this article. 

1. Canada eTA requirements for Maltese citizens

The Canada eTA (Electronic Travel Authorisation) is a type of travel authorization that allows the applicant to apply for travel. Canada eTA was announced in 2012 and took four years to create and develop. The eTA contributes significantly to decreasing the burdensome visa application process at travel and immigration. 

At the moment, the Canadian government has made it easier for travelers by producing an e-visa system to get the chance to travel to Canada in a few minutes. This electronic visa is an access permit to Canada which is valid for 5 years from the date of first issuance and allows travelers to stay in this country for 180 days with multiple entries. 

Canada eTA application form can be completed in a matter of minutes if you want to get through full of the Canada eTArequirements for Maltese citizens. Travelers can use this e-visa for various purposes, such as tourism, business, conference, etc. 

The following requirements must be met in order to obtain a Canadian eTA for Maltese citizens:

  • Original passports with a 6-month validity period are valid from the day of initial admission. Furthermore, there must be more than two blank pages in the passport for visa stamping.
  • One picture of applicants which shows your full face and requires you to dress formally. 
  • Passport Personal Information publication in color that contains full details about your identity. 
  • A credit or debit card is required for paying e-visa fee. In contrast, you can use the wire transfer method through the Bank of Cyprus. 
  • An email address is required to receive any information about your e-visa process. 

Canada eTA requirements for Maltese citizens

Canada eTA requirements for Maltese citizens

2. How to get a Canada eTA for Maltese citizens

Once you have obtained the necessary paperwork, you may complete the eTA application form. Given that the task at hand is not particularly complicated, it shouldn't take you longer than 20 minutes to complete. If you have any queries, you may reach customer care at Canada Immigration Services 24/7 (there is no charge for this service).

There are three crucial steps in the form that you must finish:

  • Step 1:

    You will be required to provide some basic information at the outset, along with data on your passport and planned travel plans. The processing time choice you select can also have an impact on your Canada eTA charge.

  • Step 2:

    The subsequent stage should take even less time. You just need to finish the payment and carefully check your form to ensure that everything is accurate and true to the text.

  • Step 3:

    In the third step, you will simply upload the documents pertinent to your application. The Maltese citizens' Canada eTA will be sent to you by Canadian Immigration Services once you're finished and have clicked the submit button.

In conclusion, citizens of Maltese are exempt from the standard visa procedures for brief travels to Canada. To enter Canada, though, you need an eTA. You are allowed to visit Canada as often as you'd like throughout the authorization's five-year validity period, which starts on the day it is issued. 

Apply for a Canada eTA from Malta

Apply for a Canada eTA from Malta

3. The cost of applying for an eTA to Canada in Malta

Two distinct types of Canada ETA fees must be paid when applying for a visa from Maltese: a service fee and a government fee.

You must pay a required charge to the government, which is non-refundable.

Depending on the processing time that you choose, you may be asked to pay a service fee for your eTA application. If you compare prices, you'll discover that you have the freedom to choose the best alternative while still staying within your means.

  • Normal:

    If the only thing you need is a decision on your eTA within three business days, you should pick the regular processing option.

  • Urgent:

    If you choose the urgent service option, your eTA for Canada should come in only one working day.

  • Super urgent:

    With this option, you might be able to receive an eTA in only a few hours if you don't have more time to prepare. At peak times, this is the one. You can get a Canada eTA in as little as one day (your eTA can be authorized quicker than you expect).

Visitors to Canada from Maltese should make sure they have obtained Canada travel insurance before leaving for their trip. You will also need to provide proof that you have paid for travel insurance that covers Canada in order for the Canadian government to finish processing your eTA application. It is strongly advised that you get health travel insurance to ensure a joyful and safe vacation to Canada.

The Embassy of Canada in Malta:

If you register with the Canadian Embassy in Malta, Canada will have access to the personal data you supply if you register with the Canadian Embassy in Malta. Visitors from other nations as well as those temporarily traveling to Canada from Malta are cordially welcomed by the Canadian Embassy in Malta.

4. Denied Canada eTA Because of Criminal Record

According to Immigration Canada, an individual might be denied an Electronic Travel Authorization if they "have been convicted of a crime, including driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI)." This implies that foreign citizens with a criminal record may face a Canadian eTA denial, particularly if the conviction happened less than 10 years ago or involves major criminal activity. People may also be rejected an eTA for aviation travel to Canada due to security and health concerns.

An arrest or drunk driving event, like a criminal conviction, might result in a denial of an eTA application. Impaired driving is a severe felony in Canada, thus any similar occurrence might be troublesome even if it was not illegal where it happened (such as a low or mid-range drunk driving infraction). As a result, most DUI convictions in the United States, as well as drunk driving charges in Australia and the United Kingdom, can disqualify a person from acquiring an eTA.

5. Do People Get Denied Entry to Canada?

Canadians are incredibly nice, yet they take border security very seriously. In 2016, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) denied admission to over 30,000 foreign people for a variety of reasons, including crime. If you have a criminal record that makes you inadmissible in Canada, we highly advise you to get a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) or Criminal Rehabilitation before booking a ticket to Canada and risk being denied an eTA. 

Due to the long processing times for TRP applications, if someone has booked a flight to Canada but is unable to obtain an eTA due to a criminal conviction, they may not have enough time to resolve the issue before booking their trip. Drink-driving offenses, such as a drink-driving traffic offense in Australia and a drink-driving conviction in the United States, can also result in someone being barred from Canada for a criminal offense and prevent them from being approved for an eTA.