Canada ETA requirements for Samoan citizens in 2024

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Canada eTA for Samoan citizens

Canada eTA for Samoan citizens

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Canada eTA requirements for Samoan citizens and all of the general information about the total cost or how to get a Canada eTA for Samoan citizens will be contained in this article.

1. Canada eTA requirements for Samoan citizens

Canada eTA application form can be completed in a matter of minutes if you want to get through full of the Canada eTArequirements for Samoan citizens.

The following requirements must be met in order to obtain a Canadian eTA for Samoan citizens:

  • A Samoa passport is valid for at least six months from the date intended to land in Canada. And the passport must have more than 2 blank pages for visa stamping. 
  • Photograph of the applicant
  • Passport Personal Information Scan
  • Passport's Last Page (if applicable).
  • Payment can be made by debit or credit card.
  • An email address is required.
  • To verify the payment, a selfie with the physical credit card used for the transaction is required. In the image, only the last four digits of the credit card must be visible. Each order requires only one image (if applicable).

Canada eTA requirements for Samoan citizens

Canada eTA requirements for Samoan citizens

2. How to get a Canada eTA for Samoan citizens?

As the Canada e-TA application form may now be completed in a few minutes, getting an eTA to Canada is a simple process today. In contrast to the previous manner of obtaining visas, we are now able to provide a fully new online application process, allowing travelers to begin planning their trips as soon as possible.

To register a Canada eTA for Samoan citizens, take the following steps in about fifteen minutes:

  • Step 1: Fill out the Canada eTA online application form with all relevant personal data, such as your complete name, citizenship, date of birth, and passport details. Verify the accuracy of all the information you provided before going on to the next step to avoid unanticipated processing and approval delays.
  • Step 2: Before continuing to the stage where you make the payment, go back and review all of the information that was provided in step 2. Inaccuracies or missing information might cause your eTA application to be delayed. To complete processing of your application, you must then pay the eTA fee.
  • Step 3: You have now gotten a confirmation email for your eTA application, and you will get one soon. After being examined and authorized online, your eTA will be sent to you.
  • Step 4: Download and print your Canada eTA as soon as you receive it in your email so that you are ready for your travel to Canada. You must have your eTA stamped in your passport when you get in the nation.

Only a maximum of 72 hours can be spent processing an eTA in Canada. However, it may take as little as 5 hours for an application to be processed and approved. Clients of Canadian Immigration Services receive electronic visa application approval in around three business days.

Remember that only the Canadian government has the authority to approve your eTA request in the end. As a result, processing times could occasionally get a little longer. For Samoan citizens who require a visa for Canada within five hours, the priority service is offered.

Appy for a Canada eTA from Samoa

Appy for a Canada eTA from Samoa

3. The cost of applying for an eTA to Canada in Samoa

There are two types of Canada eTA fees that must be paid when applying for a visa online through Taiwan: a Canada visa service charge and a Government fee.

Your eTA application's processing period selection will have an impact on the service price you must pay. When you compare pricing, you may select the most luxurious choice while keeping within your means.

  • Normal: You should choose the Normal processing option if you want your eTA answer within three working days. Your eTA's acceptance could happen sooner than you anticipate.
  • Urgent: If you choose for urgent delivery, your eTA for Canada should arrive in only one working day.
  • Super urgent: Urgently needed If you work for this company in just a few hours, you could qualify for an eTA! This one gives you the most comfort at this particular time. In as little as 05 working hours, you might have a Canada eTA.

For the charges related to an eTA, a number of different payment alternatives are available, including wire transfers to the Bank of Cyprus, American Express, PayPal, and debit or credit cards.

Get Canada travel insurance before your journey, Samoan citizens. You must also provide evidence of Canadian travel insurance for the Canadian government to process your eTA application. To ensure a fun and safe holiday, it is highly recommended to get Canada's health travel insurance.