Canada ETA requirements for Swedish citizens in 2024

Canada country is one of the largest countries in the world and has many interesting destinations for you to visit. Canada owns landscapes that are so beautiful to see in person. Also, Canada is known as a “Maple Leaf” country by the romantic autumn seasons making travel lovers fall in love at first sight.

Nowadays, traveling to this North American country is not difficult anymore. In 2012, the Canadian Government launched a new visa program called Canada Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). Canada eTA is the best tool for solving visa applications and overloading status at customs and immigration centers. In this article, we introduce Canada eTA for Swedish citizens and how to apply it. If you, a Swedish citizen, are interested in Canadian tourism, we hope this article will help you.

Canada eTA (eVisa) for Swedish citizens

Canada eTA (eVisa) for Swedish citizens

1. Check Canadian ETA requirements for Swedish citizens

What is Canada eTA?

Canada eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) is a travel permit for countries that are launched members of the exempt country list for Canada visas. Canada eTA has a purpose similar to Canada regular visa, but it is more convenient. To control the overload of immigration status and protect national security, the Canadian government publicized a Canada eTA program. However, not all citizenship is suitable for Canada eTA.

Do Swedish citizens need a Canada ETA when visiting this country?

According to the Canada eTA program rule, only country members belonging to the exempt visa list can apply for Canada eTA. Swedish citizen is eligible for Canada eTA and needs to have a Canada eTA visa if they want to visit this country

Check Canada eTA eligibilities from Swedish citizens

Before applying for a Canada eta visa, you probably should know the eligibility of a Canada eta for Swedish citizens:

  • You have a valid Swedish passport at least 6 months or US green card
  • Because eTA is connected electronically to the national passport, you can use eTA for up to 05 years.
  • For each visa, you can enter Canada multiple times without applying for a new visa. The staying time is a maximum of 06 months every time.
  • The visitors are allowed to stay in Canada for tourism, business trip, transit, or medical treatment purpose.
  • The eTA is applied to the airway only.
  • You are required to demonstrate to be over 18 years of age. If not, your parents or guardian need to do it instead.

We would like to remind you that if you are not a citizen coming from eligible countries for Canada eTA, you can consider applying for a regular Canada visa. Contact the Canadian Embassy in Sweden to apply.

Check Canada eTA requirements for Swedish citizens

Check Canada eTA requirements for Swedish citizens

2. How to apply for Canada eTA from Sweden?

What are the required documents for the eTA Canada application?

Good preparation will bring a perfect journey. Please take note of the following Canada eTA requirements for Swedish citizens we outline below:

  • A Swedish passport is valid for at least 06 months.
  • For payment methods, you can choose debit or credit cards.
  • A valid email address to transfer your information and obtain an eTA.

These are the basic documents you should prepare. In cases the customs officer requests that you demonstrate your national identity, you should bring your passport or US green card to demonstrate your eligibility.

Instructions on applying for a Canadian eta for Swedish citizens

After preparing enough documents for Canada eTA requirements, it’s time to apply on the application form online. We instruct you step-by-step on how to apply for Canada eTA for Swedish residents. You have to finish our secure form online first. Please click “Apply for Visa” on the navigation bar to approach.

  • Step 1: Fill in the application form. You have to provide your personal details: personal contact, professional, and travel information.
  • Step 2: Make a transaction for your application. After payment, we ask you for additional information to confirm the process.
  • Step 3: Check an emailed confirmation and be aware of the processing time. And then, your Canada eTA will be sent to you.
  • Step 4: Print out the eTA we sent. A stamped confirmation will be placed on your passport.

Kindly apply for at least 72 hours before boarding a flight.

Learn more about the process of applying for Canada eTA for Sweden citizens.

3. Canada ETA fees for Swedish citizens 

Canada eTA fees are reasonable for everyone. The Canada eTA fees from Sweden consist of 02 types: the Government fee and the service fee.

Both are mandatory fees and required to pay in advance. The service fee is various, subject to what type of service and the number of registers you want. Consider 03 types of service:

  • Normal: Canada eTA is solved within 03 business days. This option is suitable for those who are planning a travel journey soon.
  • Urgent: If your plan is quite rushed. This option helps you get an eTA after 24 business hours.
  • Super urgent: You hope to get a Canada travel visa right away. You can get it after 05 working hours with this option.

Remember that any modifications after making the transaction will be charged as a new application.

Cost of Canada eTA for Swedish citizens]Canada eTA fees from Sweden

Canada eTA fees for Swedish citizens

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We hope you get a successful application and have a great trip. We are happy to support you with any questions about Canada eTA for Swedish citizens and other services.